Place and Race Matter: Head Start and CCBDG Access by Race, Ethnicity, and Location Webinar: Find out how race, ethnicity, and location influence children's access to early education.

Large Variation by National Origin in Hispanics' Access to Neighborhoods of Opportunity Variation by national origin in distribution across neighborhoods of differing opportunity levels. 

Report on Measuring and Mapping Neighborhood-based Opportunities for U.S. Childre Highlights development, applications, and analysis of the Child Opportunity Index.

Boston Globe and reveal "Boundaries to Hope: A lopsided geography of affordable housing in Metro Boston" Analysis of mismatch between opportunity and the location of subsidized housing in metro Boston.

Indicators on Characteristics of Children’s Neighborhood Environments Compare neighborhood environments of children by race/ethnicity, age, and poverty status using indicators, rankings, maps and data visualizations.

"How Affordable is Opportunity?" Tool Explore Story Maps that combine neighborhood affordability and opportunity data in U.S. metro areas.

Child Opportunity Index Bar Graphs Incorporate Child Poverty Status
 The Child Opportunity Index’s interactive graphs now include both race/ethnicity and poverty status.

CPR: "Study: Half of Denver metro's Hispanic kids live in low-opportunity areas" Colorado Public Radio (CPR) features the Child Opportunity Index. 

WESA: "Study: Nearly Half of Pittsburgh's Black Children Live in 'Very Low Opportunity' Neighborhoods" Pittsburgh's NPR News Station, WESA, features the Child Opportunity Index. 

WBUR: "Boston’s Health, By T Stop: Neighborhoods Near But ‘Health Worlds Apart’" A Boston-based NPR news station, WBUR, features the Child Opportunity Index.

Boston Globe: "Boston ranks low in opportunity for Hispanic, African-American children" Read the article on the Boston Globe featuring the Child Opportunity Index. 

New Child Opportunity Index Featured in Health Affairs Results and analysis were published in the Nov. 2014 special issue of Health Affairs. 

New Child Opportunity Index Rankings Tables Rank the 100 largest metro areas for child opportunity by race/ethnicity.