USA Today covers findings on racial/ethnic inequities from COI 3.0

Published: 03.15.2024 Updated: 04.02.2024
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"More than half a century after racial segregation practices like redlining were outlawed, data suggests race still plays a huge role in determining what kind of neighborhood a child grows up in. According to findings released Thursday from the latest Child Opportunity Index, Black and Latino children in the U.S. are much more likely than their white counterparts to grow up in neighborhoods with poorer health outcomes, fewer educational opportunities and worse economic conditions. Researchers at Brandeis University in Boston who created the Childhood Opportunity Index have for more than a decade analyzed the quality of opportunities available to children in thousands of neighborhoods nationwide. More than 40 neighborhood factors including building vacancy rates, green space and employment rates are considered, creating a portrait of the country's 73,000 Census tracts."